Frequency Separation is a tool for The Foundry Nuke that mostly is practical for skin retouching, by maintaining the texture of the skin. To install the tool in The Foundy Nuke, simply uncompress the files and copy them into your .nuke folder and you are all set. You will have the tool in your toolset in the “Cubichead Tools” section.


Loopmaker is a script used “Extended Javascript” to make loop out of basically any layers in Adobe After Effects with the exception of the layers which time-remapping is unavailable for them. To make the script running, just extract the files into the “Script” folder in your Adobe After Effects and run the application. In “File > Scripts” you should see the Loopmaker at the bottom of the list.


Texture Creator is an action recorded for Adobe Photoshop users so they can make a texture out of a solid layer. To use it, just extract the action file into “Presets/Actions” folder in your Adobe Photoshop and run the application. Next to “History” you can find “Actions” tab, and in the list you can find the texture creator.


Snake Game is an Adobe After Effects project which basically is the good old snake game created by expressions.


3D to 2D Parenting is an expression to parent a 3D object into a 2D one in Adobe After Effects. You need to copy-paste the two lines down here to the expression part of the position parameter of your 3d element, e.g. a “Point Light”, and remember to rename the “2D Layer to Track” name to your 2D layer name:

L = thisComp.layer(‘2D Layer to Track’);

value + fromCompToSurface(L.position);


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