Woodkid “Golden Age” Music Videos

Definitely “Yoann Lemoine” is a great song-writer and with his band “Woodkid”, he is really getting at the top. His music is unique and it feels like it is a combination of the sounds of industrial revolutions and natural causes and the conflict between them. In his voice, again you catch a pure emotion and you start to feel closer to him through his words. You always feel something is different about him and you want to listen to his music more and more.



Now we get to his music videos. Clearly, because he himself is a graphic designer and of course a music video director, his videos have excellent shots, with perfect lighting, and the whole package has remarkable edit. But when it gets to vfx and the compositing of CGI, in some cases you see some obstacles.


1. Run Boy Run

In “Run Boy Run”, as the video goes on, there is going to be a huge number of creatures running aside the running boy. Thus there will be a huge amount of layer overlaps and duplication of objects. When compositing in a scene like this, you need to be more precise with the layer orders to give the impression of depth in the scene. But there are a lot of moments in which they get mixed up. The peek of this issue is where the boy is running past a giant and getting to another tiny creature galloping in front of the giant. As the boy gets to the little one, at first he is composited in front of the creature, but a moment later, he gets behind the paws of the creature.

This problem could be caused by mixing up the node or layer orders or could be a mistake in rotoscoping, specially now a days with modern tools such as “Rotobrush” in “Adobe After Effects” which makes human error more to happen. Actually this rotoscoping problem had happened a lot even in holleywood movies, such as “Transformers II” where “Megan Fox” was running with “Shia LaBeouf” in a desert in slow-mo and an explosion happened behind them, you see a fraction of the fire inside the body of “Megan Fox”. Definitely rotoscoping her body was not properly done.

So when you are dealing with lots of node or layer overlaps, try to check every inch of your composition.


Cubichead.com - Woodkid - Run Boy




2. Iron

In the shot where you see smokes falling from the sky, you will be seeing the characters having the same impact on the ground as they run. In the shot where the woman with the owl, played by “Agyness Deyn”, starts to run, as her feet touches the ground, you will see the smoke effect is not properly composited on the footage.

It is an error that can be caused due to inconsistency in vfx team. There are two scenarios for this incosistency, either it’s between the 3d artist and the compositor or it could just be the compositor’s fault.

If it is between the 3d artist and the compositor, it might be a result of a mismatch between the aspect ratio of CGI and the real footage, but in more likely scenario, it could be the result of a wrong positioning the CG element by the compositor himself. In either cases, supervising an entire vfx team is vital and if not done correctly, it could lead to some mistakes like the one you see in the screenshot below.

Cubichead.com - Woodkid - Iron




3. I love you

And the last but not least, in “I Love You” the concept of a man being devoured by the ocean is not executed well enough. If you simulate moving rocks under water on a sandy surface, in addition to the effects being used to simulate that event, like the under water lighting, and distortion of the entire footage, you would be seeing a lots of particles floating around.

The best way to create such a scene is to create a previs and after analyzing it, you can go on and produce the shot. To do the previs, you can easily simulate it just by creating a small scaled scene and try to move some stones in an aquarium filled with dirt. You will definitely see a lot more details to simulate for your original shot using the previs.



Finally the concept of making his music videos for his album in a way connected to each other is great. It feels like listening to a story and as you are done watching one of them, you want to keep on and listen to the other two.


By Mazyar Sharifian
From Cubichead.com



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